Technology Microsoft confirms Smart App issue renaming everyone's printers to HP


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Nov 10, 2017
No, it isn't your imagination. Windows really is installing the HP Smart App and renaming printers without user interaction.

Microsoft has updated its Windows release health dashboard to admit a problem exists. The title of the issue says it all: "Printer names and icons might be changed and HP Smart app automatically installs."

The problem appears widespread – as well as Windows 11, versions of Windows 10 going right back to the Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB have been hit by the issue, which appears to affect Windows devices with access to the Microsoft Store. Windows Server, including Windows Server 2012, is also affected.

As a reminder, symptoms of an affected Windows 10 or 11 devices include the unexpected and unasked-for installation of the HP Smart App, even if no HP hardware is connected.

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Apr 24, 2016
Microsoft releases troubleshooter for HP Smart App printer issue on Windows
Microsoft published a solution for the issue today under KB5034510: Microsoft Printer Metadata Troubleshooter Tool - December 2023.

The troubleshooter tool is designed to fix the issue on affected systems. Microsoft explains that the tool will review printer information on the system it is run on. If the printer model has changed recently, it will restore the original model information and icon of the printer, and remove any data associated with the HP LaserJet M101-M106 printer on the device. Microsoft notes that it will do so for any printer that does not match the make and model of HP's printer.

The troubleshooter will furthermore uninstall the HP Smart application if "there are no HP printers or HP printer drivers installed" and if the application was installed after November 25, 2023.


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Mar 30, 2022
I have Smart app installed on my PC and it doesn't cause any problems. However, I consistently rejected all service offers that the app made. ;)
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Apr 1, 2019
It’ll constantly wake your pc up if you sleep it for long periods. Sometimes literally wakes the pc up 3 seconds after I put it to sleep. More of a desktop pc problem, but still a problem.
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