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Windows 10 build 10547 is the latest insider version released by Microsoft and since it's pre-release software, it's quite natural to expect bugs and other issues affecting either the apps or the operating system itself.

It turns out, however, that this particular build comes with a critical issue affecting Edge browser, which crashes all of a sudden without a clear reason.

We received plenty of messages from our readers who confirmed the problems in Edge and after searching a little bit online for more information, we can confirm that indeed there appears to be a bug in the browser in this Windows 10 version.

Unexpected crashes
The number of posts in the Windows 10 Feedback app is living proof, as there are currently nearly 10 bug reports with hundreds of votes, all pointing to crashes that occur all of a sudden.

“Edge crashes after opening new InPrivate window,” one such report reads, while another one claims that “Edge abruptly closes while typing in search text. It seems to do this more frequently when using InPrivate mode.”

We couldn't replicate the same behavior on our testing PCs and the InPrivate mode seems to be working fine in Windows 10 build 10547, but judging by the number of reports, there's clearly something that's not right in this version.

Microsoft Edge is the new browser integrated by Microsoft in Windows 10 to make Internet Explorer history, so it's available not only with new features and an overhauled UI, but also with a new engine that's supposed to be faster and more stable.

Edge is offered as a universal app, so it works not only on PCs, but also on tablets and smartphones, having a similar UI and feature lineup. Synchronization feature between devices will soon be offered too, together with extensions, which should help expand functionality of the browser beyond the default features.
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