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Source: Microsoft releases Office 2016 -- upgrade today!

If you’ve been waiting for the latest version of Microsoft Office, we have some good news for you. The newest addition to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based subscription service, is available to download now.

Office 2016 delivers new versions of the desktop apps for Windows, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Visio and Access. Office 365 subscribers can choose to download the new Office 2016 apps as part of their subscription (automatic updates will begin rolling out to consumers and small-businesses next month). The new suite is also available to buy for a one-off fee from today.
Highlights of the new release include:

  • Co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, including the all new real-time typing experience in Word
  • Intelligent features like Tell Me which allow you to use intuitive language to find the commands you need and Smart Lookup which brings insights from the web right into your documents
  • Office 365 Groups are now an integrated part of the Outlook 2016 client app and available on your favorite mobile device through the Outlook Groups app, delivering a consistent team experience across the suite.
  • GigJam, a new way for teams to accomplish tasks and transform business processes by breaking down the barriers between devices, apps and people, is available in private preview today, and will become part of Office 365 in 2016
  • Significant new updates to OneDrive for Business coming later this month across sync, browser, mobile, IT control and developer experiences
  • Upgraded security with Data Loss Prevention and Multi-factor Authentication
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What all Office 2016 home/business/volume editions available?

Is Office 2016 Standard Version available?

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I use 32 Bits Office 2013 on my Win 10 64 coz MS recommends 32 Bits Office for better & full compatibility.
Is it the same with Office 2016 i.e for better & full compatibility 32 Bits Office 2016 recommended on 64 Bits system?


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@yesnoo : Well its a matter of system architecture, so you may use one of them as same features are covered which it shouldn't bind any limitations.
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