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Microsoft Security Essentials was released in 2009 for Windows 7, Vista and XP users.
Continue your history lesson on Wikipedia.

Following the end of support for Windows 7, Microsoft will continue to provide virus signature updates for MSE until 2023.
Learn more: What is Microsoft Security Essentials?

What's next?
Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender Antivirus for continued protection against viruses, malware and ransomware.
Find out more: Moving to Windows 10

Other viable options;
  • Buy a Chromebook (ChromeOS by Google)
  • Buy a new Windows 10 Laptop or 2-in-1
  • Buy a Microsoft Surface device
  • Buy a Mac (macOS by Apple), or an iPad Pro
  • Replace existing OS with a compatible and comfortable Linux distro.
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I remember waiting for the download on the beta portal when it first came out. I was so excited to test it back in the day. It's incredible how much security has evolved from 2009. I remember companies like symantec and mcafee were pissed about it's release because when it first came out it was actually very decent!!!