Level 33
The road to hell, paved with the usual good intentions

OH COME ON, Microsoft, not this crap again.
This month's hotch-potch of patches has a surprise payload that has people raising their eyebrows and tutting as a precursor to potential moral outrage.
The supposed 'security' patches also include something that really shouldn't be in a roll-up of security patches - it's added some telemetry for Windows 7 users.

It's called 'Compatibility Appraiser' and has a code of KB2952664. It's designed for checking if your system is capable of updating to Windows 7.
That's fair enough, we guess, but there are two issues at play here.
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Level 2
And then because millions decide to move to Linux, they need to implement telemetry to deal with issues. Would be ironic if that actually happen.
A new Clear Linux. An Intel sponsored project, people already were freaking out about telemetry, check their forums, but it's opted out by default and also at the install.