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Windows 10 felt in many regards like an operating system that was not ready for release back when Microsoft released it. This was the case for the new system browser Microsoft Edge as well, as it lacked a lot of features.

While it was highly optimized, it felt like a browsing shell more than a full browser in many regards. Microsoft worked on improving Edge, and it did so over time by introducing new functionality such as browser extensions.

Still, a first impression is usually one that lasts, and that is probably one reason why the vast majority of users on Windows 10 have switched over to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi or any of the other third-party browsers.

So how does Microsoft get people to give Edge another chance? Ads was the answer apparently, as users have started to see taskbar advertisement on Windows 10 like the one spotted by Brad Chacos below.

These ads appear over the Edge icon in the Windows 10 taskbar, even when Edge is not open. They do appear only when Edge is not the default system browser but that covers the majority of Windows 10 systems.

Since it advertises Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Rewards, it is possible that the campaign is reserved to the United States. The reason for this is simple: Microsoft Rewards are only available in the US right now.

This is not the only ad that promotes Microsoft Edge that users may see however. Microsoft is pushing ads in the Action Center as well stating that Chrome is draining battery fast and that switching to Edge would better the situation.

Both ads have some use for users and try to promote a feature of Microsoft Edge or Microsoft that may be beneficial to users.

One could argue that this is a good thing, and it probably would not get such a bad reception if Microsoft would provide clear and concise options to turn of these after they appear once.

The main issue that many Windows 10 users may have with these ads is however that is seems impossible to get rid of those advertisements once and for all.

While you can turn off the Windows Customer Experience Program and several ad-related preferences in the Settings application, there is no guarantee that these changes will stick through updates.

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carsten ibsen

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Hello it is to much with all this advertising,an examble i have looked at a pair of external speakers to my laptop,from a different computer,at a different location,as soon i get home i power up and go on majorgeeks and there they are the exact same speakers(this was before i met you guys and got an ad blocker and better security all around):eek:
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uncle bill

I have builted list of trusted sites and edge can open only them tanks to my program, but it can be used to SHUT DOWN EVERY SITE IN THE WORLD. Now i'm curios to see if it can block this ads type. Anyone living in the US that want to give it a try PM me for download link.