Security News Miscreants leak texts and info siphoned by Android stalkerware app LetMeSpy


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Mar 13, 2022
It's bad enough there's some Android stalkerware out there with the not-at-all-creepy moniker LetMeSpy. Now someone's got hold of the information the app collects – such as victims' text messages and call logs – as well as the email addresses of those who sought out the software, and leaked it all.

The stolen data has been circulating online for at least a few days, we're told, and the spyware's users – those who got the app to put on someone else's device – reportedly include government workers and a ton of US college students.


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Jul 27, 2015
Stalkerware slinger LetMeSpy will shut down for good this month after a miscreant breached its servers and stole a heap of data in June. In a notice on its homepage, the Polish Android developer "would like kindly inform you that as of August 31, 2023, the website will cease operations."

According to the surveillance-ware maker, its security was comprehensively smashed on June 21 by persons unknown, who downloaded the entire contents of its website database before deleting that information. After that "data security incident," the developer said it had blocked access to user accounts, "for security reasons." You may not feel that much sympathy for the users of this software – the people who download and install LetMeSpy on the phones of partners, children, or coworkers – in that their details were swiped by the intruder. Unfortunately that website database included records on those being snooped on, too, such as their messages, whereabouts, and call logs.

The app was marketed as being for completely legit purposes, such as child or employee monitoring, or for forgetful folks who want to easily locate their misplaced devices. Yes, those are real examples still listed on the developer's website as to why people should use LetMeSpy. In reality, the app could be installed on an Android device, and depending on the OS version, hidden from view. It would then copy that device's text messages, call logs, location, and other info to the LetMeSpy website, allowing the user of the software to keep close tabs on that device. That would make it perfect for stalkers and abusive bosses and partners.

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