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Modern Browser Concept - "HighBeam"

A heads up, This is my first time creating a browser concept.

The news of Microsoft's Windows 10 browser "Spartan" inspired me to create my own browser taking bits and pieces from Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome and putting it together into a clean Metro/Modern feeling UI. So if you dislike flat this isn't for you!

Features fictional technology such as the engine called HighBeam™ that "magically" makes web pages load extremely fast (the high speed of a beam of light you could say), fully supported HTML5 and packs some other geeky features to make it stand out from the rest and plenty more being that it's a x64 browser with the advantages that come with that.

This browser comes with a built-in ad & tracker blocker and enhanced detailed HTTPS information since more and more websites are adopting HTTPS.
(Check out the SSleuth extension if you really would like this type of detailed information)

As for the non-existent Cloud (Clo.ud) website, completely off the top of my head just needed something good to fill in the window and let me come up with fake detailed HTTPS info to show as an example.

Any questions, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcomed, I can always make changes and updates based on feedback.

Created in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.

Thanks for viewing.


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The PURISTA and ESET concept is even more a blast from the past, same as the VirDefense concept he made. I really hope one day he can return here when he has the time, I miss this member.. Looking at his concepts just boosts my own self motivation and I've got no idea why lol :)
He sure was a "power user" and it is the first time I have ever used that quote. ;)