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Spectre and whatever should be the least of your worries as even software patches are ok. Think about what specs you need, the quality of the build, upgradability and your budget and go with that. Getting paranoid about things that you can't control is a waste of time. If you need help selecting a laptop pm me here or you know where.
Halellujah! They won't take my old i3 laptop until they pry it from my cold, dead hands! :LOL: (Just to paraphrase Charlton Heston)


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Researchers mostly try to make good products, products that help people. But, there are big business men who pressurize them.
Making profit is not bad but becoming greedy is the real problem.

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This affects both ARM and Linux for those who asked, so no using ARM won't save you.

AMD CPUs can also be exploited but have way less holes than Intel CPUs, Intel is hard at work to create hardware mitigations without affecting performance.

No point in being scared and backing off, just use whatever you want, this types of exploits won't be used on every day malware.


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yes. ryzens seem to cost INR 2,559 less but are 11% slower.

the ryzens are less available. just my opinion.
Well, with Spectre patch applied on Intel the impact is worse and a Ryzen mobile easily and single handedly beats 6700HQ