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Source: Avast upgrades forecast as users protect online privacy

Cybersecurity company Avast said demand for products that protected users’ privacy, such as VPN and AntiTrack, would drive revenue growth for the year to the upper end of its high, single-digit percentage range after a 9% rise in the first half.

London-listed Avast, which has grown through a “freemium” model of giving away its basic antivirus software and then selling additional services, said customers were increasingly aware of online risks.
“AntiTrack helps users to stop tracking from both advertisers and other data collectors,” Chief Executive Ondrej Vlcek said in a interview.

“It makes it much harder for both advertisers and other entities that want to track you on the Internet to do that.”

Avast has also seen strong demand for its high security browser, he said, with the number of active users rising to about 40 million.

The company monetises the browser through search revenue and advertising, he said.
Shares in Prague-based Avast, which listed in May 2018, rose to a new high of 322 pence in early trade on Wednesday following its results.

The company reported a 9.2% rise in first-half adjusted revenue to $421.7 million (£349.6 million), ahead of a company-supplied consensus estimate of $414 million.

Adjusted core earnings rose 6.5% to $236.5 million, beating a forecast of $229 million.


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"Avast has also seen strong demand for its high security browser" - lol

I find it hard to believe an outdated (because that's what Chromium-based browsers are, they are always one or two versions far from Chrome) version of Chrome is a "high security browser", plus I don't even want to know the tracking right to Avast servers that browser has. I'd rather use a CIA-built browser.