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Thanks for all the help. I kind of like this Unspyable company, I think I'm going to give them a try and go from there.


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Normal Stuff where you want some security but nothing ridiculous;
Zoho, Fastmail, Soverin

Medium Level Security, where you want decent privacy and security;
Posteo, Runbox, Neomailbox

High Security;
CTemplar, Tutanota, MsgSafe, Countermail, Startmail


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Hey! How can i block the spam mail for my gmail, i know your guys have great program from this. But i don't have more money, so if that the program can be free now? Thank you!


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Gmail & outlook, for me it seems gmail has better filtering for junkmails than outlook do

Nowadays i have specific accounts for working, gaming, communities etc.
The main account i have is leaked on tons of breaches gets junkmails but Gmail is pretty solid filtering them, i dont mind changing that

2 factor on every email + settings gone throught and its enough privacy/security for me