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decided to replace the motherboard of my old pc just to keep it alive...confused if the old intex cabinet support any type of motherboard or not ?

this is the current cabinet :
CPU : Intel Pentium 4
RAM : 1.00GB DDR @ 166MHz
Motherboard : Intel D845GVSR
Model : D845GVS1

This is the replacement motherboard with apu... plz review it :
MOTHER BOARD MSI AM1I + CPU AMD SEMPRON 2650 Duel Core 1.45Ghz Combo

and do i need to install other Fan for the above mb ?

Plz Help!!!
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It is a faster configuration compared to your current Pentium 4 PC and the graphics support is light years ahead compared to your old Intel 845 graphics controller. You can use the stock heatsink/cooler that comes with the APU which is sufficient. But one thing you should keep in mind that the configuration is pretty basic and wont perform great on demanding applications and can be used best for light load usage like word processing, Internet browsing etc. Since the AMD APU had good graphics hardware you can enjoy HD videos too without issues;). For such a low price it is a worthy replacement if you cant go with a more capable hardware like Core i3 platform which costs close to 3 times than the Combo you said. Also add 8 GB of DDR3 RAM to make sure every thing perform maximum possible.


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thnx bt will the intex cabinet support dat mobo ?? o_O
If it fits in the case then yes.There is no information to reference for your question,if you have the room it will fit.
There are a wide variety and styles of cases to accommodate all motherboards.