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In September we reported that Mozilla Firefox would be testing a new feature called Contextual Feature Recommender, or CFR, that recommends extensions related to sites that you are visiting. In Firefox 64, Mozilla will be adding a setting that allows you to block Firefox from making these types of recommendations.

When visiting sites such as Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook, Firefox will display a recommended extension like the one below for Reddit.

Recommended Extension for Reddit

If you click the Add Now button, the extension will be installed. If you click the Not Now button, the door hanger will close, but a little extension symbol will be shown to indicate that you can install it in the future.

Mozilla is now introducing a setting that can be used to disable these recommended extension if you find them annoying or intrusive.

To access this setting, you would go into Settings -> General -> Browsing and there will be a checkbox labeled "Recommend extensions as you browse", which is checked by default. To disable the recommending of extension, simply uncheck this box and exit the settings screen.

Disable CFR Setting

When Firefox displays the Recommended Extension door hanger, they are also introducing a way to disable the recommendation for that particular extension or a shortcut to the above settings page. To access these options, you can click on the down array in the displayed door hanger as shown below.


It will be curious to see how people will feel about the new Recommended Feature when it goes into full effect in Firefox 64. At this point, it is too soon to tell if people will find it useful or if they will find it intrusive.

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Firejoke... I can already foretell malicious abuses of this feature.