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I selected Mullvad as my main VPN for a reason, affordable, efficient, and audited. and they don't need to advertise themselves like those useless/shady VPNs , their solid reputation (for what we know) is their advertisement.
Exactly.. Their policies, security and reputation speak for itself.

Also remember, setting up a VPN service is cheap and easy. I could have one up and running in 48 hours if I wanted, and I could start selling access to it. We're not talking about infrastructure here, we're talking about existing servers with hundreds of HyperV's running on them. I know a guy that will make you a VPN for $10 a month 3 miles from your home, all for you. (if you live in a city with a 80K+ population in the USA)

So why do I say this? If it is that easy, be careful who you trust. Also note, there are honeypot VPN's out there. Sometimes they get exposed (WiTopia, which shares offices with a CIA hub), sometimes they don't, but later they end up being shady or sloppy.

A VPN is intimate, make sure you have implicit trust and know who you are interacting with or a VPN is a mighty nice MiTM on your devices...


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yes, i saw it too, i expected a Black Friday deal instead...they pushed a cheaper (very) basic plan for the Average (privacy) Joe and the old more expensive one for the real privacy freaks.

Guess i will stick with Mullvad for a while ;).
To be honest I’m still on a discounted price from when thewirecutter recommended them and had a special rate. Otherwise I’d be exploring my options more.