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Mozilla removed today 23 Firefox add-ons that snooped on users and sent data to remote servers, a Mozilla engineer has told Bleeping Computer today.
The list of blocked add-ons includes "Web Security," a security-centric Firefox add-on with over 220,000 users, which was at the center of a controversy this week after it was caught sending users' browsing histories to a server located in Germany.
At the time, Mozilla engineers said they would review the add-on's behavior. But following the initial report, several users reported other add-ons exhibiting similar data collection patterns, some of which sent data to the same server where "Web Security" was also sending information.
Source:Mozilla Removes 23 Firefox Add-Ons That Snooped on Users


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The complete list is here

Web Security
Browser Security
Browser Privacy
Browser Safety
YouTube Download & Adblocker Smarttube
Facebook Bookmark Manager
Facebook Video Downloader
YouTube MP3 Converter & Download
Simply Search
Smarttube - Extreme
Self Destroying Cookies
Popup Blocker Pro
YouTube - Adblock
Auto Destroy Cookies
Amazon Quick Search
YouTube Adblocker
Video Downloader
Google NoTrack
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I think I have used Popup-Blocker for a very short time on Chrome. I have seen some people here use Autodestroy Cookies. Very ironic that that extension tracks you...
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