Mozilla reverse engineers Microsoft Edge's default browser setting behavior


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 operating system makes things even harder, as Microsoft removed common application types from the settings. While all browsers, with the notable exception of Edge, may still load the default apps Settings page on the Windows 11 system, users can no longer click on Web browser to set the new browser with just two clicks. The option is gone.

Now, users have to select the browser, e.g. Brave, and make it the default for every supported file type and link type manually. More work for the user, unless Edge is the desired default browser, as it takes just a click in the browser's settings to make it the default.

Microsoft claims that it wanted to give uses more granular control, but it did not reveal why it had to remove the option to make a program the default for all supported file types and link types, for that.

windows 11 set default apps

Mozilla has found a solution​

It is clear that browser makers, with the exception of Microsoft, are not too happy about the changes that Microsoft implemented in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft is giving its own Edge browser at an advantage over the competition.

Firefox users who install Firefox 91 on Windows 11 and set it as the default system browser may have noticed that they did not have to go through the entire ordeal. Instead, Firefox becomes the system browser just like Edge in that version.

Mozilla reverse engineered the functionality that Microsoft reserved for its Edge browser, so that Firefox users may make the browser the default just as quickly as Edge users can theirs.

Other browser makers may do the same to provide their users with the same level of comfort when it comes to setting the default browser.

It is probably only a matter of time before Microsoft will intervene again and make changes to the operating system to make things complicated again?


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Sep 13, 2021
It is already a nightmare on Windows 10. I work helpdesk, and so many users experience that their default browser will automatically change to Edge. Or the default application to open PDF will change to Edge.

Then when you go and change it back to our preferred applications you are greeted with two "warnings" saying, "Edge is the recommended application" and "are you sure you want to change".

I really hate this, and it looks like they are doubling down on Windows 11...