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Excerpt from article:

"Microsoft's latest Edge browser based on the open-source Chromium browser is now the 2nd most popular browser in the world. Having launched just three months ago, it already has increased its userbase around the world to become more popular than even some long-lasting alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox, which is now the 3rd most popular option, showing that Firefox's userbase is decreasing in favor of the new Edge browser by Microsoft. The number one is still Google's Chrome which owns the majority of users at 68.5%, while Edge is at 7.59%. Firefox is present with a 7.19% market share, placing it just below Edge. It is impressive to see a new browser gain big userbase in such a short time, as alternative browsers often take years to gain even 2% of the market. You can check out the whole browser market share chart below.
Microsoft Edge Browser Browser Market Share""

Personal note: The comments following the article are very diverse but worth a read-through. Makes the old Edge seem like a bad memory for Microsoft, I bet. :)

Marko :)

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Actually, those news regarding Edge as the second web browser are slightly misleading. Legacy Edge and Chromium Edge are two different browsers, but NetMarketShare is combining them into one. That's the reason why "Edge" is in the second place.