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Oct 7, 2019
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Here's my latest configuration for my BlackBerry Key2 LE. Have been hacked dozens of times. This config is my latest test configuration.

So far, I have learned several things.
1) you must have a secure home Wifi to setup the phone, because this phone does not permit you to skip connecting to WiFi during initial setup. Secure WiFi in this sense means that the router must not have been hacked. Passworded WPA2 of course. Check for vulnerabilities on exploitdb before buying a router. Obtain latest firmware.
2) That Wifi must have AP Isolation feature which stops one user from touching another
3) Set WiFi signal to the lowest possible, if signal strength is adjustable
4) Remove the SIM card before resetting the phone, that disables 1 of 3 radios on the phone
5) Turn off WiFi and Location GPS service immediately after Reset is finished and you have reached the Desktop. That turns off the remaining 2 radios.
6) All apps that have a non-dimmed Disable button, can be disabled without affecting the ability to make phone calls and send SMS
7) NoRoot Firewall is essential. And once you finish using an app, remove the rights for it to communicate thru the firewall.
8) Unconfirmed but suspect that Play Store Update process and Google Account creation process are hackable. So I skip Google Account creation during the reset procedure.
9) Background communications ( Settings > Apps & Notifications > *app name* > Data Usage > Background data ) needs to turned off, or else it will be opening ports, especially bad if you don't have a firewall to do stateful protection.

nicate thru the firewall.
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I had blackberry key 2 but very updates because I had indian version in EU, last update on december 2018. Keyboard to small , better keyboard on BB Passport.