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Deleted member 178

i think if you use Bitdefender IS, you can remove Emsisoft Anti-malware since it uses Bit defender engine. once removed your system will be lighter. if you like Emsisoft AM you can replace it by Emsisoft Emergency Kit (it is EAM but portable, no need to install)

Why? Better to choose one solution to protect the system. Two anti-virus in the system can lead to unpredictable consequences.
EAM can be used as companion AV


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Did you mean: Bitdefender + Emsisoft Emergency Kit on demand?

I thought Bitdefender as antivirus, Emsisoft AntiMalware as antimalware was good config.

Deleted member 178

Yes BD + EEK

The distinction between virus and malwares is no more, 10 years ago its was true but now all softs are effective for both

Megan K

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Antivirus: ESET (the full one)
Malware: Used to be Malwarebytes, but I don't like v2, so I'm currently in between programs.


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Great to see there are still some Vista users out there! How do you find using Vista compared to Windows 7 and any reason you haven't moved on?