Hi my friends, I am now in my final year graduation, and the challenging work we face is "Project Work".

Well let me make it clear.

In this year we are supposed to make a project and as per our university norms we have decided to develop an Android App. So the reason why i'm here with this thread is, I wanted some ideas to create a unique app which will help me fetch marks, knowledge and popularity. So if any one of you have any ideas of an App that should have been existed to the mobile phones, I request you share the idea with me, so I could feasibly select a topic and develop that App.

Thank you:)


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Nobody like my first comment :)
It was because "you want a moonshot", like Gavin Belson.

Finding a moonshot today is not easy.
My son is searching a moonshot since one or two years. A lots of app exists already.

I hope you will find one !

So I'm upping your post today... ;)

Be carefull: in a school context, the method and the communication you make about your app (your keynote !) could be more important than the app.
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You know what is missing from the app store? A good quality modern UI light weight injection site tracker for diabetics or anyone who has to inject medications. As someone with MS I have to use the only app in there which is outdated kind of crappy and does not function very well.

Just my 2 cents :)
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