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Hi, I'm from
Age group
Under 20 years old
Last known PC infection
Favourite web browser
Favourite mobile OS
Google Android
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Not my favorite, But im using Avast! Free


Level 1
( i ahve also lurked around this site before, but im just now gon do the introduction)

well, im gonna go thru the selections ^ there.

Computer Knowledge: Medium.
Its between Medium and Advanced id guess.
I am a "lurker" in another forum, Were theres alot of SE stuff happening, So i could say im pretty experienced with that stuff.

Browser Battle: Internet Explorer vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs: I picked Other because for some reason i change my browser alot. I like to test alot of browsers (mostly Chromium based) And currently im really intrested in Vivaldi, New browser made by Opera devs. It looks decent atm as its on Technical preview, And im still waiting for Extensions to come :3

Operating system battle: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows: Windows
I pretty much only chose it as i have yet to test out how well i can use Linux on my daily use.
IM going to get Laptop later which i will be dual booting with Windows / Linux so i will be learning it better then. (Maybe even triple booting if im able to Hackintosh it)

okay yea, got thru them.

Hello im Pandy, I love tech things and i specially like computers.

I have 2 things im really intrested, Coding and Security
Both of them im kinda stuck. I whould love to learn, but its kinda hard to start it as i will either be distracted or i have no idea what to do anymore(or stuck)

yea, idk what else to include :)
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