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Just my setup on my main rig. Privacy and security are prioritized but backup is an ongoing project. Havent found any sw i like so i just use an external drive for the time being. Will do a reinstall soon and my goal is to have decided by then....



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Actually a very good configuration.
Especially if you know exactly how to use CIS (since its focus is more on prevention than on detection), you are protected on all sides.
One recommendation, but not so important though: consider replacing AdBlock Plus with uBlock Origin which is much lighter.
Thanks for sharing.


Enable UAC if not.
Comodo provides a good safety level, especially if well configured in advanced mode (HIPS behavior settings).
Good backup plan on external device.You can add Aomei OneKey free or Paragon B&R free, to make a system image and restore it if you need.
You may add Ccleaner to ensure good Windows maintenance.;)
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Comodo is configured mainly after this guide How to Install Comodo Firewall which gives it function w/o interfering with everything i do.
Found it impossible to use higher security w/o having popups with every click i made....

Regarding UAC it´s active and Ccleaner is in place since forever. Just keep forgetting to mention them... :/

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Hi, it is a very good configuration, I agree with @frogboy a backup solution is fundamental, and I agree also with @OneDay , uBlock Origin is better than adBlock, faster and lighter. Thanks for sharing :)