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Apr 24, 2016
The official Netgear and Hyundai MEA Twitter/X accounts (together with over 160,000 followers) are the latest hijacked to push scams designed to infect potential victims with cryptocurrency wallet drainer malware.

While Hyundai has already regained access to their account and has cleaned up the timeline of all links pointing X users to malicious websites, Netgear has yet to take control of theirs, with some of the attacker's tweet replies still available.

The attackers renamed the account of Hyundai MEA (Middle East & Africa) to impersonate Overworld, which describes itself as a "cross-platform multiplayer RPG, backed by Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubator arm of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Likely because it's frequently impersonated in similar scams, Overworld often warns its Twitter followers, saying, "Please exercise caution and stay clear of those impersonating our account. Only click links from the official @OverworldPlay twitter account."

Netgear's account has been hijacked since at least January 6th and was only used to reply to BRCapp tweets, luring followers to a malicious website promising to give the first 1,000 newly registered users $100,000.

However, anyone who connected their wallets to the site would have had their assets and NFTs stolen by the threat actors.


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Mar 16, 2019
Things like these have pushed me to use modded version of X/Twitter apps on my phone not long after Elon took over. That's the beauty of Android and its talented community. There is always a certain level of risk using a modded app, especially if it's a social media app. So I don't recommend anyone doing it.
X has become extremely annoying with verified bots and scams. Almost every ad is a scam, almost every reply to a tweet is a bot with blue tick.

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