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Hi all

New Avast Beta version 18.7.2350

Hi everyone,

new beta version 18.7.2350 (build 18.7.3994) is released.

What's new

- We are introducing new style of our settings. The new settings have fresh and simplified modern look and feel. We reduced the number of items so now the most important ones are visible now. The advanced settings have been moved to a secret section named Geek Area, This secret section is available via search - just fill there "geek:area" - whole string has to be written for entrance to the section. Setting are incomplete, couple sections are still in development. We are hungry to hear your feedback, what do you think, do you like them? All your comments, ideas are appreciated and will be discussed by UI team.

There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -

What was fixed
- Issues with installation and re-installation of the Emergency Update component
- Installation and update of driver related to the SafeZone / Secure Browser bank mode

Known issues
  • DND Mode does not block newest version of Skype
  • DND Mode does may not load list of already installed apps when very first app is added
  • New settings main issues, what does not work
  • The sections "Scan", "Exceptions" and "Firewall" haven't been finished yet. But there temporary is a link to old settings.
  • A protection of AV itself by password doesn't work properly
  • In section Troubleshooting the buttons "Backu up settings", "Restore settings" and "Repair app" don't work (you can still repair the app via MS control panel → Programs and Features).
  • A geek section hasn't been finished yet (there is only a list of settings for DND mode)
  • Adding apps into sandbox
Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


New Beta version 18.7.2350

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