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Hi all

New Avast Beta version 18.7.2352

Hi everyone,

new beta version 18.7.2352 (build 18.7.4021) is released.

What's new

Changes in settings (only for beta, it won't be part of stable 18.7 release)
  • old settings will be used XP and Vista
  • new settings will be used Windows 7 and higher
There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -

What was fixed
- Avast Passwords - Synchronizations between devices
- Two detection dialogs when phishing detected
- License activation issues in Russia
- other minor stabilization fixes

Known issues
- Some new settings sections are still not ready yet

Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


With best Regards