Updates New Avast beta version 20.10.2442


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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all

New Avast beta version 20.10.2442

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to announce that new beta version is ready - 20.10.2442 (build 20.10.5824).

What's new
Final tuning before release

Download links
Avast free https://bits.avcdn.net/productfamily_ANTIVIRUS/insttype_FREE/platform_WIN/installertype_ONLINE/build_BETA
Avast premium https://bits.avcdn.net/productfamily_ANTIVIRUS/insttype_APR/platform_WIN/installertype_ONLINE/build_BETA

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


With best Regards

Pat MacKnife

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Jul 14, 2015
Stable version is out

NEW Avast Version 20.10 (December 2020)

Here’s what’s officially new:
  • Expanded Password Protection - We now protect your passwords in the beta versions of browsers, too. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and AVG Secure Browser - Premium Security Only)
  • Rescue Disk improvements - Windows 7 users can celebrate knowing this feature works for them again, and we've improved its performance and made sure it properly cleans up related .DLLs for all users
  • Bug stomping - Just the usual bug fixes that keep your antivirus going strong

Here are some examples of the bugs we stomped:
  • Restart PC dialogue no longer ignores the "Next century" reminder. (Just wait and see…)
  • Fixed driver incompatibility with HVCI (AV installation now works when Windows Core Integrity memory isolation is on)
  • Cleaned our code to remove obsolete pre-alpha and legacy licensing components
  • UI now opens properly on scan results after an Explorer scan finishes (was not behaving properly with UI minimized)
  • Fixed a crash that happened in log viewer when logs were too large
  • Improved service stability by properly terminating some thread-hooks
  • We now allow removing services without exe/dll file (fileless service)
  • Got rid of unnecessary reboot required after specific types of detections
  • ...and loads of others