Captain Awesome

Level 22
Malware Tester
Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2268
As we are getting closer to the final release, please expect beta builds to come with higher frequency and shorter changelogs.


+ Boot-time scan available to both online and offline users, while online users have opportunity to download additional virus definitions before the scan is scheduled
+ Fixed missing firewall profile selection dialog after installation and reboot
+ SafeZone browser - New design of bank mode landing pages
+ SafeZone browser - Start menu icon fixed on Windows 10

Known issues:

- CyberCapture still holds local copy of the file which is in the protective custody even when CyberCapture feature is turned off in settings
- Registration to the Windows security center may not be successful in some cases

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


Download links of Betas:BETA testing - Overview & Download links