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This is the email I got from the AVG beta testing portal ( if you want to join the AVG beta testing team , just register at the beta site , to recieve an email , when a new beta product is available for testing. )

New AVG Zen available for testing!
Dear Sir/Madam,

A brand new AVG product-AVG Zen Beta-is now available at our Beta portal for download and testing. Be among the first to try it out, and you may even win an iPad Air!

What is AVG Zen?

AVG Zen is the first version of a cloud-based tool that allows you to remotely manage AVG applications on other computers via a centralized dashboard. For more information, including known issues of this beta, please see our news section on Beta portal

How can you help?

We’d like you to install and test AVG Zen. To get the product up and running, feel free to follow the AVG Zen instructions and test protocols, which will help guide you through the installation process and basic usage testing.

We’ve also prepared an AVG Zen Beta questionnaire for you to complete once you’ve finished your testing. Please make sure to complete the questionnaire by the end of this Beta test. The earlier we hear from you, the better!

Reporting issues

Should you experience any issues, please report them to us via our Bug reports form. For any questions about this product or our Beta program, please see our public Beta forum.

Participate and win!

All active participants will get a chance to win an iPad Air and a bunch of vouchers!*

Thank you for your continuous efforts and support in helping us pave the way for a successful product release! And please remember: this is just the first version of AVG Zen. More great features may be added based on your feedback!

@ AVG Beta team

*Terms and Conditions of the contest are available on

Note: You are receiving this e-mail based on your registration in our AVG Beta Program. To unsubscribe, you can cancel your Beta Program registration here. If you feel you have received this e-mail in error, or if you're experiencing problems with our Beta portal, please contact us at


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What is AVG Zen?
AVG Zen is a cloud-based tool that seamlessly extends protection, performance, and privacy to all your PCs. With AVG Zen, you can remotely monitor the status of other AVG applications on any of your PCs from any other PC.
If you want to install beta builds of AVG AntiVirus and/or AVG PC Tuneup, you can install them by clicking the Protection/Performance tiles directly within Zen.
Our beta2 version provides AntiVirus and PC Tuneup integration and Zen Network management.
You can create your own Zen Network, which allows you to connect other devices on which Zen is installed.
Every user in Zen network can be either:
Zen administrator – Can invite other devices and see their statuses.
Managed user – A member of a Zen Network, but can’t see other devices on the network.
For local devices, you can easily fix AVG AntiVirus and AVG PC TuneUp issues directly within Zen via the “Fix now” actions Zen offers you.
For more information on this beta testing see here and register

Go HERE to download AVG ZEN Beta 32 Bit
and HERE to download AVG ZEN Beta 64 Bit


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Not being an AVG-fanboy or anything, but they seem to make some products that are really cool and wish that other -avast- vendors did the same.

I read that AVG Zen will be free at the end of March 2014.

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