What Internet Security Suite do you like?

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Earth said:
That Comodo GeekBuddy pop-up is very misleading and personally I consider it a scare-tactic.

Jack said:
And only after you'll click on "No, I will try it to clean it myself", you'll get the detection window.

I find it funny, that I never had to "clean it myself" ,and in fact COMODO removed the infection on it own, without any help.
I completely agree especially if it pop ups on false positives, let GeekBuddy charge you to remove an infection that doesn't exists.;)

Is there a way to remove the GeekBuddy pop-ups permanently? or does it happen each time malware is detected? If so this is what I would call nagware not freeware.


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Comodo added many many small-useless-annoying-things lately that long-time fervent users like me shifted to another more "professional" solutions.

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I voted other.

I personally like and use CIS 6, yes I know it isn't a paid suite. But still it offers very good protection. The antivirus has improved a lot. I still cannot believe you get all these features for free.

But if I had to choose one from this list I would go with NIS. It has very low RAM usage. Very good detection rate combined with SONAR. It automatically removes threats on it's on. Very good for newbies and the scanning speed is not fast, nor slow.

NIS 2013 did come with my PC. I used it for the 30 days and it was excellent. When the trial was up I installed CIS 6.
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