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Ty all for your attention. I'll point somethings

How so? Smartscreen is much more reliable than Safebrowsing. No question about it!
Yep, i found some old tests showing that smartcreen is better, but do you know any new tests? I'm just curious hehe

Since I have adguard installed, it does the job via its filters
If you want some form of Google Safe Browsing in the new Edge, use the AdGuard (extension or desktop):
Then you have both MS SmartScreen and Google Safe Browsing.
Hello @Umbra and @Gandalf_The_Grey
Ty for your suggestion. But do you know if i can find those filters and add them to ublock origin? I know filterlists.com but idk if i could get one identical to the adblock extension.
BTW, adding big filters do ublock origin could slow it?

But before that, has anyone here tried it yet? Is it better than Google Chrome?
I tried it and it is very good indeed. But it has some bugs yet. For example: i tried to upload a big file (18Gb) to google drive through edge, i found a bug that consumed all my RAM in seconds (and i could not clear it later). Besides that, it was calculating the remaining upload time wrongly. I did a lot of tests pairing Edge and Brave (removing all extensions and letting all default options to make sure), and the problem was occurring randomly only on Edge. I experimented one "hiccup" when using Edge too in another site. Furthermore it still lacks some sync features as the other members told you. I plain to move to Edge in the future, but for now, i'll keep with Brave.

Avira Browser Safety extension in your Edge Chromium.
I may be wrong, but it seems that bitdefender trafficlight is getting better results in the forum tests. I'll check it later...

Oh. Okay. I hadn't noticed supported regions.
So, supported regions refers to web filter scope ....not region where extension is offered?
I'm not from US and i'm able to install it if i want, so i believe it refers to web filter scope

So, database is identical?
no, it's not. It seems smartcreen gets significantly better results on tests.

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In that other topic "extension test" Edge chromium scored better than safe browsing from google

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