Q&A New Microsoft Edge grew 1,300% this year, overtaking Firefox


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Jun 21, 2020
Its time for FF to do something drastic to get back their users, otherwise we will miss the FF in future.
I agree, I have been using FF for years, and I would like them to continue. But they are (slowly) losing the "competitive" edge in regard to their browser engine... Already behind on certain things that are standard in Chromium browsers etc...

Would love for Gecko to continue competing, but they are slowly losing their right to existence with their current course of actions. Healthy competition is good for everyone, rather than purely Chromium. Just my 2cents.
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Feb 10, 2017
Why does it only have 0.05% of the current market? Why didn't Brave overtake Firefox the way Edge did?
One issue Brave has is the pro-privacy space it occupies. It shares this space with privacy zealots and those with an anti-Google agenda, and ends up falling foul of both groups.
So you end up with casual users who develop an interest in privacy and decide they want to switch to a private alternative to Chrome, and in the course of researching said alternative they invariably run into both groups, whom proceed to lambast the users at the mere thought of using Brave, and bombard them with reasons (some of which are blatantly false) as to why they shouldn't use it and advocate the use of Firefox instead.
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May 7, 2018
One issue Brave has is the pro-privacy space it occupies. It shares this space with privacy zealots and those with an anti-Google agenda, and ends up falling foul of both groups.
This is a good point.

I am sure we can all agree that Firefox is probably one of the most privacy focused browsers out there. Problem is privacy is more of a philosophy, than a technical advancement one can see IMHO. For the record, I am very pro privacy, but I also use what works best for me. The issue they have is they can promote how privacy focused they are as much as they want....which is great, but when interacting/using the browser, what to people actually notice? Browsing speed, UI, memory usage, how it handles multimedia, PDFs, etc... Those are things people can actually see and notice, they cannot see privacy more or, less.

In the case of Firefox, while being very privacy focused, it was always a slower browser, that used up way too much memory, compared to the likes of Chrome. While Google is not the most privacy focused company in a millions miles, they did focus on things that people actually notice, hence why it over took Firefox. In saying this Firefox has still come a very long ways in many regards to address some of these issues, but unfortunately they really have not done enough IMHO. If they want to stay relevant, they need to wow people, which may mean taking risks, and starting from scratch.


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Mar 13, 2021
When was Brave highly rated? Even among us here that know about Brave very few are using it.

Windows having Edge by default or not, is not going to affect the market share that way, people use what they like and works for them.

And for the majorly of users that is Chrome, even Edge isn't going to change that without recommendation from people like me (most my friends and family members have already dropped Chrome for Edge).
Many people are leaving Chrome for Edge, they are realizing that Edge is a lot better optimized. Also, Google has been getting more hate lately. And don't forget about all the "moms and dads" who just use the default browser.

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Jan 23, 2021
Edge is my main browser as well, and I am super impressed with it. I like how it integrates with Windows Security and Smart Screen. Edge so far has been very reliable and it has other features to it that I can actually get some use from. I think Collections is a very useful tool, if I run across something I want to read in more detail later I throw it in to Collections. Edge runs smooth and fast and I have not had any trouble with any web site loading yet.

I made Edge my default and I really don't miss Chrome. We just got Edge at my job yesterday and our version of Sales Force runs soo much better on Edge than it ever did on Chrome. I have Firefox too but rarely ever use it. I would like to see Firefox do better and still be a viable alternative to Chrome, but with the way they are going lately, I just don't know about Firefox.