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A new version of the Ryuk Stealer malware has been enhanced to allow it to steal a greater amount of confidential files related to the military, government, financial statements, banking, and other sensitive data.

A new variant of the Ryuk Stealer malware was discovered today by MalwareHunterTeam that adds a new file content scanning feature and additional keywords that it targets for theft.

In the previous version, the Ryuk Stealer would scan a computer's files for Word (docx) and Excel (xlsx) documents.
According to Head of SentinelLabs Vitali Kremez, this new version of the stealer will look for an additional seven file types related to C++ source code, further Word and Excel document types, PDFs, JPG image files, and cryptocurrency wallets.


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Lets hope our military government stays on top of their game in respect to cyber security. These new variants need to be addressed and taken care of