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Jan 8, 2017
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Early this year at least three European financial institutions were hit by DDoS attacks powered by a new variant of the Mirai botnet.

A variant of the Mirai botnet, composed at lease of 13,000 compromised IoT devices was used to launch a series of DDoS attacks against financial sector businesses. The DDoS attacks peaked at up to 30 Gbps, in volume, of malicious traffic.

Researchers at Insikt Group, the Recorded Future threat research team, reported this week the results of their analysis of the malware samples involved in the assaults linked the Mirai variant to IoTroop botnet, aka Reaper.

The latest attacks observed by Recorded Future took place between Jan. 27 through 28, the experts spotted three different attacks.
“The first attack occurred on January 28, 2018 at 1830 UTC. A second financial sector company experienced a DDoS attack the same day and time, likely utilizing the same botnet. A third financial sector company experienced a similar DDoS attack a few hours later at 2100 UTC the same day.” states the report published by Recorded Future.

The first DDoS attack implemented a DNS amplification technique and peaked at 30 Gbps. Researchers are unsure what the volumes of subsequent attacks were.
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