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Nov 8, 2016
Despite some one threads about this, i'd like to be more specific.

There is any difference in therms of ad/track blocking when you compare adguard DNS and NEXTDNS (with adguard filters)? I'm not interested in speed and location, as both are equivalent in my region.
I want to know which one is if better and won't break websites and e-shopping.

i'm currently using NEXTDNS with this 2 filters enabled:
AdGuard DNS filter
A filter composed of several other filters (AdGuard Base filter, Social media filter, Tracking Protection filter, Mobile Ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy) and simplified specifically to be better compatible with DNS-level ad blocking. "


AdGuard Mobile Ads filter
Filter that blocks ads on mobile devices. Contains all known mobile ad networks.

I tested OISD for some time, but it had the habit to break some needed connections


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Oct 14, 2019
I spent some time configuring the nextdns filters that I enabled for my iPhone (see the filters in use in the screen with the relative blocking percentages) but in the end it was worth it: the work required a consultation nextdns log constant to understand which connections were blocked and among these select those to put in the white list. In the end everything works great and I couldn't do without nextdns and the configured filters.
On iPhone the “1hosts” filter is the most effective (see screen).


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Nov 8, 2016
Made some tests with Adguard and OIST. Realized that i didn't need to whitelist some old address anymore with OIST (maybe they fixed it). Trying right now with no whitelist and it's working better with OIST than with adguard (in terms of not breaking anything)


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May 29, 2018
Adguard DNS is ripoff of NextDNS, there is common filterlists available and the ' block newly registered domains' feature.

NextDNS is more advanced in terms of blocking threats and using adguard filters in NextDNS should not be problem at all


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Jan 18, 2024
I have three NextDNS free accounts

1. All security plus native tracking enabled for Mobile phones and smart TV without privacy filters applied in the router
2. On my wife's tablet: only all security features enabled
3. Om my aptop: All security features + Adguard DNS + privacy filters (allowing tracking & affilate links, but IP is hidden)

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