No AV with Comodo FW?

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The paranoid one

Yes, you can use only CF, but if you use it with an AV, Sandbox will have less work, and that will be more comfortable for you. You can use Comodo Internet Security, or CF + Avast or Qihoo.
Panda is very light, but I´m 100% agree with @LanDude. I have never been lucky with it, it has given me serious problems in uninstalling and besides today, it is not a good antivirus (IMO), I think it was better years ago
Feb 10, 2017
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Windows 7
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I prefer to use it with a supplementary AV in case malware somehow evades Comodo's sandboxing but it's enough on its own as long as you don't go unblocking anything you're not absolutely sure is safe.
Mar 3, 2017
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Windows 10
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Why not just use Comodo Internet Security? It gives you everything you need and all runs together seamlessly without the popup ads and slowdowns of other AVs. You won't need the AV if the sandbox is enabled on proactive settings but its good to have it anyways. People say the AV portion of Comodo is weak but its getting better everyday with Valkyrie. I've installed CIS 10 and have not looked back.


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May 13, 2017
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Windows 10
Comodo's HIPS is even better, cruelsister's testing proves it, but it takes a little getting used to, then again since Microsoft recently decided to allow rootkits on Windows 10, because of Intel, HIPS may become useful again. HIPS + Sandbox will beat anything known to exist.
Aug 19, 2016
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Windows 7
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adding AV alongside CFW is just for convenience, and it may cause a problem due to compatibility, I have some bad experiences adding AV with CFW, if you really want to add AV then just use CIS instead of CFW.

CFW with CS' settings is enough, no need any AV, you just need on-demand scanner like ZAM free or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free. I'm using CFW + ZAM free now :)