Operating System
Windows XP
Infection date and initial symptoms
Actual date unknown. About two-three weeks ago.
Current issues and symptoms
No internet. Unable to restore to previous time. Firewall freequently turned off.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
1) Kaspersky TDSS Killer
2) Combofix (result: 'Blue Screen of Death'-dump physical memory to disk)
3) Rogue Killer (result: deleted POM; HJPOL; HKEY_CURRENT_USER)
5) Hitman Pro (no internet- scan aborted)


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I don't know how to help you further, PC seems clean, but it seems like it is heavily corrupted, and maybe fresh system is the best option. On the other side, I'd like to state that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP operating system which makes you vulnerable to malicious software. I'd counsel you to upgrade to Windows Vista or above for full protection.


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Good Morning,
I suspected as much. I knew that the machine needed to be replaced with something more current. I do not want to waste anymore of your valuable time on this computer. I do have a couple questions that you might look at.
  1. Could this 'problem' be transferred to the new machine via the wireless expansion card? Should I get another card? I would hate to infect a clean machine. Is there any way to transfer some of the files from the old machine without spreading the problem to the new machine? I have some study notes for my exam on there.
  2. Of the various flavors of windows out there right now, is there one that you would recommend over the others? I have heard some horror stories related to windows operating systems.
Thank you so much for all your time and invaluable advice. I have known for some time that this machine needed to be replaced, just things have been very tight of late.
Kind Regards,


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1. Machine looks clean, so I you shouldn't worry. There is no virus, just some error very difficult to repair.

2. I am using Windows 7 for 5 years, and I am very satisfied. Windows 7 is my recommendation.