NOD32 + Tinywall / Comodo / Other Firewall or ESET SS (Windows 10)

  • NOD32 + Tinywall

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  • NOD32 + Comodo Firewall

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  • NOD32 + Other firewall (specify?)

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  • Eset Smart Security

    Votes: 18 56.3%
  • What are you even doing!? Here's what you should do... (specify?)

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(Posted this in ESET forums then realized probably more relevant here)


I'm looking to "microsoft-proof" my windows 10 installation, for the most part, since I need it for tools only available on Windows; but, I want to quarantine myself from M$ data collection as much as possible. Right now I'm just using defender + windows firewall + peerblock (with M$ list). I've been without an "actual" antivirus for a long time now, so I'm a bit out of the loop, so I guess I'm curious if NOD32 as a super-light base with either Tinywall (almost no footprint, simple and powerful), Comodo (used to be one of [if not] the best?), or another 3rd party firewall on top. Is this still considered a good combination? I want to block everything with the firewall then whitelist as needed. Back when I was still very active with security software NOD32 + Comodo firewall was considered the holy grail of all combos. I was also looking in to KAV/KIS 2016 but from what I've read, they're having trouble with getting everything working properly in Windows 10.

I'd be using the beta versions of NOD32 or SS. Feel free to suggest alternatives, but I'd like to keep it light and playing nice with Windows 10.


Comodo really isn't ready for W10 even though the company has released a W10 "compatible" version; there are bugs to be sorted out over the coming months. How long will that process take? Well, I know how Comodo works and it will take some time... to play it safe I would wait 6 months, but that is just me. I tend to be conservative in such a situation - and particularly if I had only a single system.

As long as you are aware of that fact, then by all means try Comodo. Some users have reported absolutely no issues on W10... which only confirms that how CIS\CFW behaves is system specific.

This is essentially the case with all security softs - except perhaps Emsisoft; they're all playing "catch-up" with W10.

For a permanent config, given the options you have listed... I would choose NOD32 + CFW. For best results install NOD32 first, followed by CFW.

If your goal is to avoid W10 data collection, then for the time being do not upgrade to W10 or, alternatively, use one of the many freeware utilities that will disable most of the W10 data collecting.

You have 1 year to upgrade to W10... in that case patience will pay off in the form of less problems and aggravation until things get sorted out on W10.
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ESET Smart Security, All in one, it's better to have single product integrated with an antivirus & a firewall, eset smart security is no doubt better than nod32 + any other firewall.
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