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I read that the new Nokia will cost about 249$ in China.
I would like it to see it in Europe at a reasonable price but with a 6xx cpu type.
Am i asking too much:)?


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A decent smartphone, not overrated and simply the quality of Nokia reflects on the product.

Known for reliability, efficiency and practicality.

If Nokia managed to produce Android Smartphone way back before then the company's market shares will increase consistently.


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Great device for the price! There are two more phones announced and one of them (Nokia 8 - Full phone specifications) is just amazing. Nokia did a great thing with the whole sell-buy licenses, trademarks etc. over this last few years. Now, I think they can make a comeback, people need quality, affordable smartphones coming from a maker they can trust, and Nokia is just that.
The phone can be purchased through AliExpress, for the price mentioned. When Europan interface version is out, I'm pretty sure Ali will sell it much cheaper than shops in Europe/Americas with the same support.
Can't way to test this!!!