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Homepage: NordPass password manager | Zero password stress. Forever.

NordPass is a password manager that stores your strong passwords in a secure vault so you never forget them. Its encrypted XChaCha20 vault makes sure they're for your eyes only. We couldn’t see your passwords even if we wanted to.

With support across numerous devices, you take your passwords with you wherever you go.

Here’s what you get with the Premium version of NordPass:
  • Shared Items let trusted NordPass users securely access data in your vault. A great way to share data with friends and family.
  • Secure passwords on 6 devices at the same time.
  • Data is encrypted on your device, a.k.a. zero-knowledge architecture. We couldn’t peek at the data you’re backing up on our servers even if we wanted to.
  • Two-factor authentication. Optional, but highly recommended.
  • Import your credentials from other password managers hassle-free.
  • Store private notes and credit card information along with your passwords.
  • Universal availability: get NordPass extensions for Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi. Download native apps for iOS and Android.
  • The best part: if you’re already a NordVPN or NordLocker user, you don’t need a separate account for NordPass. Just download the app and log in.
Free NordPass users will not be able to share items in their vault and will only enjoy support for a single device.

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