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    Norton Mobile Security for Android

    Hi Everyone,

    We are happy to announce that the Norton Mobile Security team has released Norton Mobile Security 4.0 build 4024 update for our Android customers. Note: This version is being released in a phased manner and for all supported languages.


    • WiFi Security - Our new Wi-Fi Security protection helps stop prying eyes from seeing your online activity, such as attempts to steal your passwords, bank account number and other personal information.
    • System Advisor - System Advisor helps scan your device and Android OS to identify exposure you may have to cyber threats.
    • Improved Uninstall Flow


    To receive the update, simply visit Norton Mobile Security on Google Play

    Visit Norton Mobile Security Support Forum to post your queries. Also, visit Norton Mobile KB site to view the Top Solutions for this product.


    Source: Norton Mobile Security for Android
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    Nice update. Working great in my Galaxy S8
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