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Jan 20, 2019
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I'm not currently using Norton, but like many, I was a beta tester for many years in the past, right up to the time you could add beta updates to your "real world' Norton subscription. I didn't really care for that. I enjoyed running the complete beta, and looking for bugs, improvements, and the like. And being rewarded with a nice free subscription from Norton when the beta was over.

I did however grab one of these licenses. Put a trial on a laptop, and must say it runs nicely. Very light.... 25mb at idle. very light while scanning also. (y)

UPDATE.... FYI, you get the keycode in your email. So you can save it. (the clock doesn't start ticking until you enter it in your program :giggle:)
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A long time Norton user, I am back with Norton Security after a 4-month break trying solutions from other vendors including the awful Bitdefender Total Security 2019 that I really regret purchasing. As things stand today Kaspersky and Norton are my only recommended full fledged AV suites for home users. Norton has an edge because Symantec provides quick and efficient technical/commercial support to customers in my country.