Whih one is the better system tuning software?

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I guess I'll give it a try to Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2014 (free) and I'm considering purchase a PRO licence of CCleaner, for support Piriform for their nice work ^^

Thank You Everyone for your nice tips :)


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I'm a computer technician 4 years and i know what i'm saying. I dont care if you are TuneUp's fanboy, but i'm not. TuneUp sucks because free alternatives can do same task much better and without any problems. If you are noob that's not my problem.
LOL. I am computer engineer for about 15 years, don't wont to even start about my education. I learn about your expertise from your answers, and from them I see you should change your profession. TuneUp is one well written and organized piece of software, in it you can find everything you need under one roof. From my vast experience about system tuning my vote easily goes to it.
About Ashampoo's product... I do like it how it shapes up but it is still far from the mentioned one. Fanboy?... just wow...


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@Neno @Malware Test
I thank you both for your opinions. I understand it. And I guess both are right:).
TuneUp seems to do a good work (One of my regular clients have this one installed and is very happy) :).
And I guess that, if similar software can do reasonably the same at no costs, it's good to the user too :D.

My main reason to publish this post was to hear from users about their experiences while using System Tuning softwares. In other words: Your personal experiences with the same product are just different. No problem, since different software behave differently in each machine.

I appreciate both opinions, guys ;)
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