Q&A Norton Utilities Premium v17.0.3.658 - Looks like IOLO System Mechanic


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Aug 21, 2018
I decided to test this program and surprisingly the user interface looks a lot like IOLO System Mechanic?
If they lincensed it, maybe it's a good thing or not...



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Aug 4, 2016
I was offered a free version of this from Norton as I have a subscription for Norton 360, I'm not interested in any all singing all dancing utilities apart from Wise 365 which i like, deleted the email - Shuddered when I saw the automatic care & real-time boost (Junk)


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Aug 29, 2020
I am not too keen with Norton’s marketing tactics offering something free then charging too much at next renewal so disabled automatic renewal and going Utilities wouldn’t work.

So temporarily I have enabled it only seconds later to find an email from Iolo regarding automatic renewal which I cancelled with Iolo as I have had many problems with System Mechanic.

It seems like Iolo is getting in the back door via Norton.

I intend finishing with Norton and Iolo as I don’t like these tactics trying to control customers choice so this is the only choice for freedom from these two.

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Jan 27, 2019
Some friendly advice from someone who dealt with Norton for a very long time.

Since the takeover and even for some time before that, marketing have used some very shonky tactics to con users.

Avoid anything even remotely connected with Norton.

There are many better options.


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Mar 25, 2021
In that case you installed version 16 as per the video, which was their own product, rather than being a rebrand of System Mechanic. There is no free trial of v17.
yea this one is not system mechanic, but the newer one is just system mechanic, even the back ground host is called "live boost governor" same with iolo.
even the update sign is like iolo

there is a 2 day I think I download it and it said service expire in 2 days.
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May 18, 2021
I just tried downloading and installing NU Premium since it's promoted as a free benefit of having a Norton Security subscription. And (LOL) I was looking for an *alternative* to System Mechanic because of a lot of annoying and/or slimy behavior from Iolo. Because of the subscription model, and the fact that Norton seems to do less software development than they used to, in the back of my head I wondered, "I wonder if they license code from Iolo?"

Imagine my surprise when I tried INSTALLING Norton Util Premium and got a pop-up that said, "You must uninstall System Mechanic before installing Norton Utilities Premium"! That was a dead giveaway that they're the same, or at least the same basic code-base. Which is how Mr. Google pointed me to this discussion thread.