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Update from @NoVirusThanks at Wilders:
Thanks guys!

We have some plans for our software (current and new ones), but lets first focus in OSArmor new version release.

Once we have completed this "phase 1", more details and information will be explained.

I tested OSA 1.4.3 in Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 Update) and works fine:
Windows 10-2004.png

A small update:

- Completely finished the auto-update feature
- Added possibility to change connection settings (using a SOCKS4/5/HTTP proxy server + authentication)
- Improved blocking of Microsoft Edge
- New options to block Windows Store, Cortana, System Settings, System Security UI, etc.
- Added Microsoft PDF Reader in Anti-Exploit tab
- Added option to block Microsoft PDF Reader (in case you require users to use another one, i.e Foxit)


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I completely understand he has to make a living.
But don't forget these are niche tools, they can add a layer to your protection.
I can get Kaspersky Internet Security (1 YEAR / 1 DEVICE) for €11,57.
How much would be okay for OSArmor?

Why would I pay for one ADDITIONAL layer of protection if I can buy a complete suite cheaper like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc?

It makes no sense.


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Currently, I installed OSA v1.43.

If the developer is moving to a shareware model, then I am assuming that any further updates or improvements will be in the next version so at some point 1.43 will become obsolete.

OSA Free from the many posts that I have read here, has been one of the free security softwares that many of the MT gurus recommend as an additional layer of defense for people to supplement their pc security software.

With the risk of becoming obsolete, would now be the time to switch to Andy Ful's Simple Hardening Configurator? If not, what would be an alternative to the function of OSA that is freeware, and still maintained?

I am tempted to remove OSA from my system. I still have a license for VS but I am not using it for more simplicity.
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Just a small update on OSA progress: we're finishing a few more tests with the activation system and it should then be completed, I confirm that there will be a 30-days trial version. So just some more days and should make the official announcement of the new version with the full changelog.
This is good to hear. Keep us posted. Thanks!


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I don't get the annoyance it's no longer free then at the same time the same users don't think it's that good yet are using the program - Shadow Defender wasn't updated for some time (until today) yet was still a viable program one of my favourites - IMHP the issue is with many: The bottom line is the program is no longer free (i'm not free either) - If you don't wish to pay for something fair enough but moaning about it if you get paid for your work is a bit odd ? :p:p:p


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A program like OSA really needs updates because the core idea is to block tricks used by malware. New tricks are discovered all the time. If you run OSA at max settings, updates are much less important, because you are blocking most processes vulnerable to LOL attacks. But at default settings, you need updates.


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A program like OSA really needs updates because the core idea is to block tricks used by malware.
Agreed, even if OSA supposedly blocked new attack vectors without updates or cloud integration. I would not be wanting to pay for RTP with no guaranteed regular updates.

For those who used/using OSA, how frequently did you receive program updates?


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Being that the consensus from most here on MT is that OSA would benefit from updates but not worth the investment as a shareware product what would be recommended as its freeware replacement with similar features but as simple and complicated as the user wants to make it?