Level 36
06/08/2018 09:42 AM
If you peek around a bit at Computex, you'll notice that Nvidia injected a BFG screen or two into the partner stands. Below the fold a photo of the 65 inches ROG SHIFT PG65. This puppy will come with a 4K 120Hz panel, G-Sync and a build in Nvidia shield for your Android needs as well.

Nvidia announced Big Format Gaming Displays a while ago, a series of screens with a diagonal of 65" with features that make it sweet for gaming, among others Acer, Asus and HP would release models and they include panels up-to Ultra HD, HDR and G-Sync. All these panels are certified and need to meet certain requirements, one of them is HDR, and as such the panels must be able to deal with 120Hz, 65 ", 4k and a peak brightness of a thousand cd/m2. They will also need to support HDR10 and the DCI-P3 color gamut that is so popular in Hollywood.