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Compared with GUI, I am more looking forward to an "Alert" mode.:D

For example, just now, ERP told me that an update process of Flash is blocked.

What would happen if ERP does not have an alert mode? If so, I should disable ERP until the update process is launch again.

Of course, it is not safe to do so. It will be much better to wait in the alert mode than waiting in the disable mode.

So I hope SOB could also have an alert mode.

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Released a new version of SOB v1.3:

Block Processes, DLLs, Drivers with Smart Object Blocker | NoVirusThanks

[04-12-2015] v1.3.0.0

+ Removed from the object variables the *MD5* file hash
+ Integrated a caching system to improve performance
+ Fixed retrieval of SHA1 file hash in some circumstances
+ Fixed blocking of DLLs in Windows 8+ OS
+ Fixed real-time updating of rules

The interface should now be simpler than on first version, you click on Edit Rules, a popup is displayed, select what rules to edit (Processes, DLLs, Drivers), same is for Exclusions. When you are on Behavioral Mode, the Edit Rules and Exclusions allow to edit Behavioral Mode-specific rules, when on Lockdown Mode you can edit Lockdown Mode-specific rules. We have removed the variables\aliases *MD5* so it now uses only SHA1 and doesn't need to compute MD5 hashes (better for performance), plus it uses now a caching system.


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Today she asked me after installing the latest version of chrome (blocked) but without the hash no hash is not shown is that funny? apparently a bug in novirustnx.

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Since 1.3 (when the DLL's of UAC protected folders were also filtered), chrome launches very slowly, even when not filtering chrome. V1.4 did not resolve that problem, so will wait for net releases to come.
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From NoVirusThanks
We've released a new version:

[31-05-2018] v1.5.0.0

+ Support Secure Boot (drivers are co-signed by Microsoft)
+ Now the program works fine when Secure Boot is enabled
+ Improved the internal caching system
+ Exponentially increased DLL file processing speed and cache coherence
+ When the desktop icon is clicked and the program is already running, show the main window
+ New option to play a WAV sound when something is blocked (PlaySoundOnBlockedEvent=y/n)
+ When the protection is disabled show a grayed icon in the system tray
+ Executable (.exe) files are double-signed with both SHA1 and SHA256 code sign
+ Driver is unloaded when program exits
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

Product info & download:
Block Processes, DLLs, Drivers with Smart Object Blocker | NoVirusThanks

Chrome, Firefox, etc should run much faster now (DLL monitoring has been improved a lot).

To install it, first uninstall the old version, reboot (important), install the new version.


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The software has been updated to version 1.6 on 05-11-2018
I can't find the changelog, if someone can find it please post it here
so we can read the details of the new version.
Interesting software when i tried it.
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