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O&O DiskImage 11 Professional Edition Free License

Be quick to take the following steps to get O&O DiskImage 11 Professional Edition giveaway:

1. Go to the giveaway page (https://www.oo-software.com/de/special/pz391)
2. Enter your email address, click on “Request free license”.
3. As a registration confirmation, you will receive an e-mail – click on the link to complete the registration.
4. After the confirmation, the release code and the download link are sent to the specified e-mail address.
– Please note that because of the many requests for this action, the creation of the personalized license may take longer.
– If you have not received a message, please check your spam folder.
– Please note that they only create and send one free license per e-mail address.
My key license came in 15 minutes.

Serious Noize

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Thank you Iapepe! I got my license for this, took about 4-5 minutes or so. The download link option they give you with the license they email you is for the German installation.

I found the English version download page which works fine, activated with license without any problems.

Anyone needing the English version can get it here :

Download Archive

Here's a link to the Manual for anyone considering getting this offer.

O&O DiskImage 11 O&O Software

Thanks again!


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