Office 365 will let users view their quarantined phishing messages


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft is planning to allow Office 365 users to view and request the release of phishing messages automatically quarantined by the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) filtering stack.

This new capability is designed to make it possible for end-users to reclaim e-mails that have been accidentally marked as phishing or spam messages by Office 365 EOP.

EOP is a cloud-based filtering service designed to scan for and quarantine spam and emails with malicious attachments from ending up in users' Exchange Online inboxes.

"We understand that managing false positives is important to ensuring email is delivered appropriately, and in the past, end-users weren't granted access to the quarantine to view messages," Microsoft explains on the new feature's roadmap entry.

The company will introduce this new option to provide users with read-only access to view and triage quarantined messages, as well as to "request that an admin release messages to the inbox."

Microsoft plans to roll out the new Office 365 ATP Request Release workflow this month and to make it generally available to all customers with an Advanced Threat Protection plan in all Office 365 environments.