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"NASA has released an official software catalog 2017-2018 for various technical applications.

The 15 categories include free codes for highly advanced aircraft and drones, tools to understand the universe better and explore the space. People can now use these codes for various technical applications without paying any copyright fees or royalty. Besides space exploration, NASA has been creating new technologies and software to bring positive change in our lives in different ways.
  1. Business Systems and Project Management
  2. Data Servers Processing and Handling
  3. Materials and Processes
  4. System Testing
  5. Propulsion
  6. Electronics and Electrical Power
  7. Operations
  8. Structures and Mechanisms
  9. Environmental Science
  10. Design and Integration Tools
  11. Crew and Life Support
  12. Autonomous Systems
  13. Vehicle Management
  14. Data and Image Processing
  15. Aeronautics
The software catalog is available online as well as an offline hard copy format."