Advanced Security oldschool's 2022 laptop configuration

Last updated
Jul 10, 2022
Personal, primary device
Additional PC users
Not shared with other users
Desktop OS
Windows 11
OS edition
Login security
    • Password (Aa-Zz, 0-9, Symbols)
Primary sign-in
Local account
Primary user
Standard user - Limited permissions
Security updates
Default - allow security updates
Windows UAC
Maximum - always notify
Network firewall
ISP-issued router
Real-time protection
Microsoft Defender
VoodooShield Pro v.7.27
Software firewall
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Custom RTP, Firewall and OS settings
Default setting
Controlled Folder Access enabled with added folders:
- C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
- C:\Users\oldshool\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
- C:\Users\oldschool\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Custom exploit protection settings for all apps
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic security scanners
Secure DNS
Quad 9
Password manager
Browsers, Search and Addons
Brave Startpage | Brave Adblock | Emsisoft Browser Security
Firefox Startpage | µBO + Kees1958 lists | Emsisoft Browser Security | strict tracking | total cookie protection | Firefox Privacy or: How I Learned to Stop Hardening and Love Strict Tracking Protection
Edge Startpage | µBO + Kees1958 lists | Emsisoft Browser Security | Strict tracking protection
Maintenance and Cleaning
Windows built-in
Personal Files & Photos backup
Personal backup routine
Manual (maintained by self)
Device recovery & backup
Wiindows built-in | Aomei Backupper
Device backup routine
Manual (maintained by self)
PC activity
  1. Browsing the web. 
  2. Emails. 
  3. Shopping. 
  4. Downloading software. 
Computer specs
Lenovo L340 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.30 GHz 8.00 GB RAM 1TB HDD
Personal changelog
22-1-9 Added VodooShield Pro v. 7.0
22-1-28 Removed TinyWall | Changed to Ghostery in Edge & Firefox
22-1-31 Removed VoodooShield
22-5-5 Removed VoodooShield
22-6-17 Switched to Bitdefender Free
22-6-23 Replaced Bitdefender with M$ Defender
22-7-1 M$ Defender configured via Group Policy to High + and added one ASR rule
22-7-10 Added one more ASR rule
22-7-27 Changed MS Defender to default, added VoodooShield Pro
Feedback Response

General feedback


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Mar 29, 2018
@oldschool click the security software like a bookmark.🏄‍♂️:)(y)
My configuration is saved in Wordpad so I can make quick changes to the thread! :LOL: :LOL::LOL:

Wordpad is the little app most users have forgotten about. Rarely exploited. ;) Perfectly safe. It is my main program for document creation and management.
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Mar 29, 2018
do you have any experience trying wisevector instead of Voodoshileld?
Yes. Very lightweight and effective according to those who test but I haven't used it since v2.7xxx
hitman Pro is my 3rd alternate
I wouldn't bother with it myself. I generally use Defender alone with built-in Windows exploit protection. You may find exploit setup in first post above.